17th January 2024

MEET THE TEAM – Thomas Evans, Junior Designer Blog

Hi, I’m Tom. Over the past year and a half, I have been developing the 3D standards used by UKWS. This has had a variety of benefits; site contractors have had a much easier time constructing aluminium features, fabrication of pre-formed corners is much easier with 3D renders to show manufactures how the finished product should look, and verge/eaves fascia interfaces are much easier to visualise in 3D than 2D.

Blender is my primary rendering software, as this allows for realistic images of cladding elements. This is most often used in verge/fascia interfaces or portico layouts as the good-quality renders add professionalism to our drawings! Autocad 3D is used for fabrication purposes, as it allows me to make sure that our pieces will work correctly, and have the correct dimensions for them to meet together for preformed corners. As well as this, the lead designer can see for themselves what the portico will look like, allowing us to design out potential issues before they’re even fabricated!

It has been a challenge wrapping my head around all the elements of cladding, and then adapting them to work in 3D as I am not from a construction background. Despite this, it has been incredibly rewarding and fun to get everything working correctly. It has also been a great experience listening to how helpful the 3D renderings are on site.

I thoroughly enjoy working at UKWS – I always have something new and exciting to work through and I’m always learning new skills and methods. I particularly enjoy scheduling up aluminium as it’s something of a puzzle to get all the pieces working together correctly! I can also utilize my 3D work to visualise what the aluminium will look like before it’s been fabricated, while also checking for any errors. Not only is the work personally gratifying and enjoyable, but the atmosphere in the office is great, everyone is very friendly and easy to get along with.

UKWS has definitely enhanced my skillset through a number of different courses. Thanks to UKWS I have achieved certifications in CAD, CAD3D and Revit which have increased my understanding on the workflows required in the industry and added additional qualifications to my portfolio. I hope to do further training courses in the future!


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